Date: 18 Jan, 2019 - Time: 04:12


• Honorable Mention for

The ALIIFF’s honorable mention in the Debut Director’s Film award category went to late Iranian actor, Levon Hatfan, for his performance in the movie ‘Kupal’ and 'Amir', directed by Nima Eghlima, has won Best Debut Director’s Film award at All Lights India International Film Festival (ALIIFF).

Now in his thirties, Amir is beleaguered by other peoples’ problems. His friend Ali’s ex-wife and son have gone missing, his sister is desperately trying to break away from the family, and his parents are trying to keep the family together. 'Amir' is a film about contemporary Iran, about a generation whose private lives are determined more by the rules of society than by their own will.

‘No Date, No Signature’ by Iranian filmmaker Vahid Jalilvand opened the Indian film festival on December 1.

All Lights India International Film Festival (ALIIFF), according to the event’s website, aims at "educating the community & film festival attendees through the art and science of film, promoting cross-cultural awareness, the exchange of ideas, and social understanding."

Source: Mehr News Agency