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Kazem Mollaie




















When I was a kid, I wished I couldn’t see well to be able to wear glasses …
And now I am a man who wears glasses …
In 1981 I was born in Heshmatie hospital in a city named “Green Land” (Sabzevar) …

I have 3 date of birth … In my ID it is written "20th of September" , I was born on the "3rd of December" , but I like "30th of January" the most .

When my shoes’ size was 18, I went to school and my father died at the same time …I have long nails and I don’t have so much hair on my head … The size of my trousers is 36 right now and about my shoes it has become 42 …

I really like the smelling of heater, carpentry, gas, spring, pipe, new book, the city of Booshehr, the wet feeling of a flower house that stimulate your appetite and also the smelling of a Siv soap.

I sneeze immediately When I chew a green Orbit gum with the Eucalyptus flavor… and when I sneeze I become so excited and I believe that I am still alive …

On Fridays definitely I eat the sunflower seeds and on Friday evening I am really depressed. I should mention you just to buy the "Tabarok" tomato paste that never mildews.

There is a big space between these two front teeth in my mouth and there are also two black spots on my back that makes so many people tell me that I will be so blest and rich in the future !

I have so much hair on my wrist but I don’t have a watch … My nose is like a cucumber and I think there is a mistake in my ear shape !

My favorite food is “Ghormesabzi” accompanied with salt shaker, and when I weighed myself on a boy scale in the pavement, I was 79 kilos … Some years ago a tailor did a favor and told me my height with her old meter:177 cm .

My blood type is +B and I present my clean blood to charity 3 times to let some people know what a nice person I am .
In the end : I am so pride that made me crazy,but for sure I haven’t killed anyone in my life … I am just a man with glasses that unfortunately like the glasses just to see better !



Kazem Mollaie (Director, Editor, Writer, Photographer)

1. Born on the 21st. September 1981 in Sabzevar, Iran

2. Member of “Iranian Youth Cinema Society” (IYCS) / 1998

3. Has started filmmaking with a short film named "From Game to ..." / 1999

4. Holding two personal “Photo Exhibitions” / 1999 - 2000

5. Director of the film and photo center of “Soore University of Tehran” / 2003 - 2005

6. Holds a B.Sc. in Cinema Directing from “Soore University of Tehran” / 2005

7. The author of cinematic page of “Asrar newspaper” / 2005 – 2006

8. Member of “Iranian Alliance of Motion Picture Guilds” (Khaneh Cinema) / 2009

9. Member of  “The Iranian Short Film Association” (ISFA) / 2009

10.  Jury Member of the “Iranian Short Film Academy” / 2011 – 2019

11.  Member of the Selection Committee of the “8th. Varesh International Film Festival” / 2015

12.  Member of the Selection Committee of the “32nd. Tehran International Short Film Festival” / 2015

13.  Jury Member of “Kichah Film Festival” / 2016

14.  Chief Editor of ISFA website ( / 2016

15.  Member of Board of Directors of Iranian Short Film Association (ISFA) / 2016 

16.  Member of the Selection Committee of the “34th. Tehran International Short Film Festival” / 2017

17.  Jury Member of the “19th. Iran Cinema Celebration Academy” (Khaneh Cinema) / 2017

18.  Jury Member of the “9th. Wordless International Short Film Festival” / 2017

19.  Spokesman of “Film Week of Serbia” in IRAN/ 2018

20.  Member of the Selection Committee of the “9th. Iranian Independent Short Film Festival” / 2018

21.  Special guest and Spokesman of Round Table of Iran’s Cinema in the “5th. Hanoi International Film Festival” in VIETNAM / 2018

22. Manager of public relations of the “3rd. National Mowj Short Film Festival” / 2018 – 2019

23.  Jury Member of the “16th. Qazvin Film Festival” / 2019

24.  Jury Member of ISFA AWARD in the “9th. Varesh International Film Festival” / 2019


1) From game to… / Short Film / 2000

2) Tel / Short Film / 2000

3) The wind is blowing in the Alley / Short Film / 2002

4) Akbar,For God Sake, don't die before me! / Short Film  / 2003

5) Carmen Funebre / Documentary / 2005

6) Please stay away from the red line / Short Film / 2008

7) Minus / Short Film / 2009

8) Delete / Short Film / 2011

9) Kupal / First Feature / 2017