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• Akbar For God Sake , Don’t Die Before Me !

This film is based on the story of " My neighbor’s Dead Parrot " by ( Ebrahim Golestan ) .

Film Biography:

Original tape : Dv Cam
Speed : 25 IPS
Film language: Persian
Time : 38 Min
Product of 2003

Short Summary :

The movie starts with the involvement of a man and his neighbour and it continues till the death of the neighbour’s beloved parrot that is called “Akbar”. It continuous till the police station …
There the neighbours betray all the facts about man’s life. Before the involvement, He has eaten opium and while he was talking, he fell down on the ground as the effects of that. The man took him to the hospital with a soldier …
He was saved from death but …

Credits :

Cast : Mohammad AkbariKazem Mollaie – Behrooz Dadvar – Mitra Goud Asiaie – Hosein Divandari – Behzad Shahrebooyeh – Mohammad Nabavi – Arezoo Derakhshan – Shaghayegh Shams Abadi – Shahgol Shams Abadi – Melodi Abedi Nia .
Crew Of Camera & Lighting
Camera : Ali Azim Zadeh Tehrani
Asistant : Ali Abasi – Mohammad Momeni – Morteza Rahimi Nejad – Behrooz Taheri
Crew Of Sound
Mix & Dabbing : Peyman Tavasoli
Sound Recorder : Ali Azim Zadeh Tehrani
Sound Asistant : Mojtaba Moghanni
Stage Designer : Mohammad AkbariKazem Mollaie
Music Selection : Peyman Tavasoli – Kazem Mollaie
Still Photography : Ali Abasi – Nematollah Moeini
Behind Stage Camera : Morteza Rahimi Nejad - Hamid Bahadori
Title Designer : Reza Vogdani
Non Linear Editing : Rozbeh Mihankhah ( Special Thanks to Navid Moheymanian )
Associate Producer : Padideye Novine Farabi
Directing Crew
Scheduling : Molana Ebrahimi
A.D : Yaser Entezami – Roozbeh Mihankhah
Producers : Ali Azim Zadeh Tehrani – Gholamreza Mollaie
Art Designer , Author , Editor , and Directing by : Kazem Mollaie
Sabzevar 2003

Director’s note :

“ Akbar For God Sake , Don’t Die Before Me ! “ is my fourth short film . This film is made by DV-CAM system in “ Sabzevar ” , which is a city in khorasan state of IRAN .
I was born in “ Sabzevar “ .The location of my previous film was in this historical city eighter .
I always liked to create a dreamy subjective atmosphere which include Iranian quality eighter. This film is based on a novel by “Ebrahim Golestan” ( an Iranian great author who is living in U.K ) … I borrow it completely free .
If we want to talk about the construction , we understand that each sequence is completely different and a part from the others , I would like this film to be as experimental as it is storic.

Festivals & Awards :

- Recognized (Akbar,for god sake,don't die before me!) as a "3rd Best Film Script” in " 4th Film & Script & photo Student Festival " in Tehran - IRAN 2002

- (Akbar,for god sake,don't die before me!) was a candidate of the best short film in " The Great 8th Festival Of Iranian Cinema " – Tehran- September 2004

- Showing (Akbar,for god sake,don't die before me!) for Iranian resident of UK -London in 2005

- (Akbar,for god sake,don't die before me!) Has been selected to participate to the “ First Art Alumnus Film Festival " in Tehran – IRAN - December 2005

- (Akbar,for god sake,don't die before me!) was chosen as the best film of the " 3rd Shadow Short Film Festival " in IRAN - Tehran - December 2007

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