Date: 28 Sep, 2023 - Time: 16:39



Short Summary : 

Kupal is the story of a hunter and a taxidermist, called “Dr. Ahmad Kupal”. On the last day of the year, moments before the turn of the year, he faces an unexpected challenge. 

Film Biography :

Shooting Format: 4K 
Frame rate: 25 fps 
Aspect Ratio: 1.78 (16x9 VIDEO)
Picture Format: COLOUR
Sound: Dolby digital, Stereo
Exhibition Format: DCP 



Levon Haftvan
Nazanin Farahani
Pouria Rahimi Sam
Hossein Shamsabadi
Vahan Salimzadeh
Mojtaba Alizadeh
Mitra Asiaee
Hossein Qayebi Shabahang
And Sharon (Starring as Haiku)

The Rest of the Cast
Behrouz Nameni
Hassan Shamsabadi
Amir Feizabadi
Mohammad Ali Maskani
Ali Akbar Maskani
Mehdi Abbasi
Saeed Fazelipour
Maryam Shahroudi
Elham Nami
Ebrahim Akbari

Directing Crew
Scriptwriter and Director: Kazem Mollaie
Artistic Advisor: Mohammad Akbari
First Assistant Director and Program Coordinator: Mehrnoush Hosseini
Script Supervisor: Safoura Barsan
Second Assistant Director and Behind the Scenes’ Photography: 
Khalil Khosrovani
Still Photographer: Ali Delakabadi
Press Relations: Hadi Alipanah

Camera Crew
Director of Photography: Majid Gorjian
First Camera Assistant: Arash Sasani
Filming Crew: Ali Mohammadi, Farhad Shokri, Abbas Ataie, Arash Mirzakhani, Mostafa Amiri
Cinemobile: Amir Hossein Ahmadi
Technical Support: Reza Tahmoores, Mojtaba Tahmoores (T.R.C)

Set and Costume Crew
Production Designer: Mohammad Akbari
Costume Designer: Mitra Asiaee
Prop Assistant: Majid Majidi
Accessories: Mehdi Majidi
Scene Manager: Hossein Qayebi Shabahang
Sculptor: Hadi Arefi, Hamid Arefi
Costume Designer Assistant: Afsaneh Haddad

Production and Logistics
Executive Producer: Siamak Kashef Azar
Production Manager: Mitra Mehtarian
Production Supervisor: Hassan Shamsabadi
Procurement Manager: Omid Dareyni
Assistants for Production and Logistics: Saied Yusefi, Hossein Monidri
Transportation: Ali Eslami Moghaddam

Make-Up Crew
Make-Up Artist: Mahmoud Dehghani
Assistants: Afshin Aslani, Mina Aslani

Sound Crew
Sound Recordist: Hamed Samadzadeh
Sound Designer and Mixer: Hosseyn Ghourchian

Music Crew
Music Composer: Babak Mirzakhani
Assistant: Arman Nasiri
Musicians: Arman Nasiri, Sepehr Karbasian, Farshad Pasdar, Mohmmad Hossein Moharrami, Babak Mirzakhani

Editing Crew
Editor: Emad Khodabakhsh, Kazem Mollaie
Assistant: Hadi Ahmadi

Visual Effects & Title Designer: Amir Mehran
Thanks to: Masoud Taghi Momeni
Color Correction: Saman Majd Vafaie
Graphic Designer: Taha Zaker
Logo Designer: Abtin Arad
Animal Trainer: Mohammad Talebi
Assistant: Bahram Rajaiefar
Distributor Advisor: Ali Asgari
Subtitle Translator: Hoda Lezgi
Official Movie Site: Behrang Parnian

Thanks to
Organization of Cinema & Audiovisual Affairs of Iran’s Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance
The Department of Environment of Tehran Province
Office for Natural Museums and Genetic Reserves
The Department of Environment of Khorasan Razavi Province
Sabzevar Governor’s Office
Sabzevar City Islamic Council
The Department of Environment of Sabzevar
Abadaniye Diyar Sarbedaran Institution of Sabzevar
Sabzevar Municipality
Organization for Parks and Landscape Areas of Sabzevar
University of Medical Sciences and Healthcare Services of Sabzevar
Police Department of Sabzevar
Public Relations Office of Sabzevar Prison
Parto San’at Technical and Engineering Company of Sabzevar
Department for Roads and Urban Development of Sabzevar
Department of Culture and Islamic Guidance of Sabzevar
Chahar-Yek Memar Engineering Group
Asia Furniture Company of Sabzevar
Kaj Fast Food Restaurant of Sabzevar
Sarbedaran Local Dance Group
Amirulmomenin Rehabilitation Charity Center of Sabzevar
Soha Seyr Sharq Air Travel Services Agency
Roshanak Arya Clothes Designing Company

With Special Thanks to
Mostafa Delbari
Hakim Sabzevari University
Kamelia Hotel of Sabzevar

Kazem Mollaie

Festivals & Awards : 

 35th. Fajr Film Festival (IRAN) / Feb. 01, 2017 
 35th. Fajr International Film Festival {Market & Video Library} (IRAN) / April 2017
 Nominated for the Best Debut Filmmaker in the “11th. Celebration of Iranian Critics and Writers Association” (IRAN) / Aug. 2017
 14th. Jameson CineFest Miskolc International Film Festival (HUNGARY) / 11th. & 12th. Sept. 2017
 Nominated for the Best Feature Film in the “6th. Iran International Green Film Festival” (IRAN) / Sept. 13, 2017
 22nd. Split Film Festival (CROATIA) / Sept. 15, 2017
 Best Feature Film in the 6th. Brasov International Film Festival & Market (CANADA) / Sept. 17, 2017
 10th. Arizona Underground Film Festival (USA) / Sept. 17, 2017
 12th. Silk Screen Film Festival (USA) / 18th. & 21st.  Sept. 2017
 11th. Buffalo International Film Festival (USA) / Oct. 08, 2017
 12th. Orlando Film Festival (USA) / Oct. 20, 2017
 Best Feature Film in the 34th. Bogota Film Festival (COLOMBIA) / 20th. & 26th.  Oct. 2017
 5th. Portland Film Festival (USA) / Nov. 02, 2017
 Best Foreign Feature in the 26th. Berkeley Video and Film Festival (USA) / Nov. 04, 2017
 Best Feature & Best Actor and Nominated for the Best Screenplay & Best Cinematography in the 12th. Hamilton Film Festival - Canadian Film Market (CANADA) / Nov. 07, 2017
 Best Foreign Language Film in the 7th. Weyauwega International Film Festival (USA) / Nov. 09, 2017
 Jury Award (Special Mention) and Nominated for the Best Film & Best Director in the 23rd. Kolkata International Film Festival (INDIA) / 13th. & 16th. Nov. 2017
 3rd. Toronto's Iranian film festival {CineIran Festival} (CANADA) / Nov. 19, 2017
 Best International Fiction Film in the “2nd. International Film Festival With Alternative Media” {FICMA} (MEXICO) / Nov. 22, 2017
 12th. Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival (INDONESIA) / Dec. 02, 2017
 6th. Delhi international film festival (INDIA) / Dec. 08, 2017
 Grand Prix Narrative Feature in the “3rd.  Montreal Independent Film Awards” {MIFA} (CANADA) / Dec. 10, 2017
 22nd. Kerala International Film Festival (INDIA) / 9th.,11th. & 13th Dec. 2017 
 7th. Jaipur International Film Festival (INDIA) / Jan. 08, 2018
 16th. Dhaka International Film Festival (BANGLADESH) / Jan. 18, 2018
 Closing Film of the “18th. Geneva International Independent Film Festival” {Black Movie} (SWITZERLAND) / Jan. 28, 2018
 20th. San Francisco Independent Film Festival (USA) / 3rd. & 4th. Feb. 2018
 2nd. Wisconsin Iranian Film Festival (USA) / Feb. 2018
 Best Feature Film in the 13th. Huntington Beach Film Festival (USA) / Feb. 22, 2018
 46th. Belgrade International Film Festival (SERBIA) / March. 01, 2018
 13th. International Film Festival Thrissur (INDIA) / March. 07, 2018
 Regional Film Festivals of Kerala (INDIA) / March. 15, 2018
 8th. Queens World Film Festival (USA) / March. 18, 2018
 10th. Trenton Film Festival (USA) / March. 22, 2018
 16th. Cine Pobre Film Festival (MEXICO) / May 07, 2018
 Best Narrative Feature in the 5th. The Fine Arts Film Festival (USA) / May. 12, 2018
 4th. Iranian Film Festival Zurich (SWITZERLAND) / 24th.,27th. May 2018
 3rd. The Mediterranean Film Festival “MedFF” (ITALY) / June 02, 2018
 Closing Film of the 5th. Iranian Film Festival Cologne (GERMANY) / June 03, 2018
 6th. Iranian Film Festival in Paris (FRANCE) / June 07, 2018
 5th. Fresco International Festival of Modern Art and Spiritual Films (Armenia) / June 26, 2018
 Best Cinematographer, Closing Film and Nominated for the Best Festival Theme Film, Best Lead Actor & Best Soundtrack in the 3rd. Realtime International Film Festival (Nigeria) / June 30, 2018
 16th. Ischia Film Festival (Italy) / July 06, 2018
 Nominated for the Best Foreign Feature Film & Best Story in the “21st. The Long Island International Film Expo” (USA) / July 15, 2018
 18th. New Horizons International Film Festival (POLAND) / July 28, 2018
 3rd. Lakecity International Film Festival (INDIA) / Aug. 11, 2018
 Best Actor in the “3rd. Canal de Panama International Film Festival” (Panama) / Aug. 19, 2018
 4th. Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival (USA) / Aug. 25, 2018 
 3rd. Defy Film Festival (USA) / Aug. 25, 2018
 Nominated for the Best Feature Film in the “19th. Moondance International Film Festival” (USA) / Sept. 2018
 Special Mention in the “7th. Cebu International Film Festival” (Philippines) / Sept. 20, 2018
 5th. Bioscope Global Film Festival (India) / Sept. 29, 2018
 6th. Haverhill Film Festival (USA) / Oct. 2018
 Best Cinematographer in the “4th. BANGIFF - BangkokThai International Film Festival” / Oct. 15, 2018
 5th. Hanoi International Film Festival (Vietnam) / Oct. 2018
 18th. Valley Film Festival {Trailer Section} (USA) / Oct. 2018
 18th. Anchorage International Film Festival (USA) / Dec. 06, 2018
 Honorable Mention (Best Actor) in the “4th. All Lights India International Film Festival” (India) / Dec. 01, 2018
 2nd. Krajina Film Festival (Bosnia and Herzegovina) / December 2018
 1st. Dumbo Film Festival (USA) / Dec. 2018
 Best Feature Film in the “3rd. Arthouse Asia Film Festival” (India) / Jan. 2019
 Best Poster & nominated for the Best Trailer in the “37th. Fajr Film Festival” (IRAN) / Jan. 2019
 4th. Dada Saheb Phalke International Film Festival” (India) / Feb. 2019
 Nominated for the "Abbas Kiarostami Memorial Medal" in the "19th. Hafez Awards" (Donyaye Tassvir Awards) / July 2019
 Nominated for the Best Debut Filmmaker in the “2nd. Cinema Cinema Academy Awards” (IRAN) / Aug. 2019
 Best Script in the Art and Experience Section of the "8th. Celebration of the Iranian Cinema Screenwriters Association" / Aug. 2019
 3rd. Cardiff International Film Festival (United Kingdom) / Oct. 2020
 4th. Parana International Film Festival (Argentina) / Sept. 2021


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